FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

py-pylons -- Path traversal bug

Affected packages
py24-pylons <


VuXML ID f5c58fc1-49c0-11dd-b0ba-00163e000016
Discovery 2008-05-28
Entry 2008-07-04

Pylons team reports:

The controller uses paste.fileapp to serve the static resources to the browser. The default controller uses os.path.join to combine the id from Routes with the media path. Routes prior to 1.8 double unquoted the PATH_INFO, resulting in FileApp returning files from the filesystem that can be outside of the intended media path directory.

An attacker can craft URL's which utilize the double escaping to pass in a name to the controller which contains a leading slash thus escaping the intended media path and serving files from any location on the filesystem that the Pylons application has access to.