FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

nwclient -- multiple vulnerabilities

Affected packages
0 < nwclient


VuXML ID d177d9f9-e317-11d9-8088-00123f0f7307
Discovery 2002-01-10
Entry 2005-07-08

Insecure file permissions, network access control and DNS usage put systems that use Legato NetWorker at risk.

When the software is running, several files that contain sensitive information are created with insecure permissions. The information exposed include passwords and can therefore be used for privilege elevation.

An empty "servers" file, which should normally contain hostnames of authorized backup servers, may allow unauthorized backups to be made. Sensitive information can be extracted from these backups.

When reverse DNS fails for the Legato client IP a weak authorization scheme, containing a flaw that allows unauthorized access, is used. This may allow unauthorized access.


Bugtraq ID 3564
Bugtraq ID 3840
Bugtraq ID 3842
CVE Name CVE-2001-0910
CVE Name CVE-2002-0113
CVE Name CVE-2002-0114