FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

isc-dhcp-server -- server halt upon processing certain packets

Affected packages
isc-dhcp31-server < 3.1.ESV_1,1
isc-dhcp41-server < 4.1.e_2,2
isc-dhcp42-server < 4.2.2


VuXML ID 510b630e-c43b-11e0-916c-00e0815b8da8
Discovery 2011-08-10
Entry 2011-08-13

ISC reports:

A pair of defects cause the server to halt upon processing certain packets. The patch is to properly discard or process those packets.


CVE Name CVE-2011-2748
CVE Name CVE-2011-2749