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dns/bind9* -- Heavy DNSSEC Validation Load Can Cause a 'Bad Cache' Assertion Failure

Affected packages
bind99 <
bind98 <
bind97 <
bind96 <


VuXML ID 0bc67930-d5c3-11e1-bef6-0024e81297ae
Discovery 2012-07-24
Entry 2012-07-24

ISC reports:

High numbers of queries with DNSSEC validation enabled can cause an assertion failure in named, caused by using a 'bad cache' data structure before it has been initialized.

BIND 9 stores a cache of query names that are known to be failing due to misconfigured name servers or a broken chain of trust. Under high query loads when DNSSEC validation is active, it is possible for a condition to arise in which data from this cache of failing queries could be used before it was fully initialized, triggering an assertion failure.

This bug cannot be encountered unless your server is doing DNSSEC validation.


CVE Name CVE-2012-3817