FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

bugzilla -- multiple vulnerabilities

Affected packages
3.6.0 <= bugzilla < 3.6.9
4.0.0 <= bugzilla < 4.0.6


VuXML ID 09c87973-8b9d-11e1-b393-20cf30e32f6d
Discovery 2012-04-18
Entry 2012-04-21

A Bugzilla Security Advisory reports:

The following security issues have been discovered in Bugzilla:

Unauthorized Access

Due to a lack of proper validation of the X-FORWARDED-FOR header of an authentication request, an attacker could bypass the current lockout policy used for protection against brute- force password discovery. This vulnerability can only be exploited if the 'inbound_proxies' parameter is set.

Cross Site Scripting

A JavaScript template used by buglist.cgi could be used by a malicious script to permit an attacker to gain access to some information about bugs he would not normally be allowed to see, using the victim's credentials. To be exploitable, the victim must be logged in when visiting the attacker's malicious page.

All affected installations are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.


CVE Name CVE-2012-0465
CVE Name CVE-2012-0466